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Personal Performance

Competency and Talent Inventory

Leadership Development

Organizational Change and Strategic Landing

Measurement Tools

  • Powerful graphical report, easy to interpret potential strengths and weaknesses
  • Customized assessments can be fully integrated with the organizational competency framework
  • Practical individuals play in that action plan
  • Assessing six positions of competency
  • Organize job preferences and incentives
  • Delineate leadership style
  • Excavating talents' personality traits and potential
  • Anti-“camouflage” questionnaire reveals the real character of the respondent
  • Big Five-Dimensional, Strong Correlation of 21 Competences and Positions
  • Identify career development areas for talent
  • Improve behavior under job requirements
  • Effective communication and quick understanding of others
  • Improve understanding, laugh out of conflict
  • Develop counseling and training programs
Advisory Group
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